Our complete music video production service starts at just £499 for a basic performance video, right up to much bigger budget lavish productions that will let you set YouTube and Vevo on fire or get you straight onto the MTV channels – We understand what the music industry wants and can help you deliver it! If you are serious we would need to discuss all your requirements before arriving at a costing.

Here is a basic guide to the kind of packages we offer:





OPTION 1; Basic Performance video – From only £499

This is our “No frills bargain bucket” fully produced music video. This is a very simple, straight forward, up to 3 hour performance shoot and basic edit. This can be a great showcase for an artist and offers a very cost effective and totally pro music video shot using the same state of the art cameras, lenses and equipment that we use to produce our top line videos.. The main ingredient you will need to make this option work for you is talent – because there will be nowhere to hide! It’s really all about you the artist. It is a chance for you to show the world who you really are as an artist – and above all else, that’s what matters!

 OPTION 2: Video delux £500 – £1000

Now your starting to get a little more serious about all this! This option offers a basic location shoot as in Option 1 but gives scope to include a storyboarded sequence to your video ( which we can help you storyboard) and gives you up to 8 hours shooting and a more sophisticated slicker edit including colour grading and after effects We can also combine with stock footage to create a high end looking budget looking video at an absolute bargain price. This option allows for several sets of edit amendments depending upon your budget.


OPTION 3 : Green Screen / White out £750- £1500

Depending on your exact budget this can include anything from a man holding up a green bed sheet to a fully kitted out, pre lit drive in green screen studio
This is a 3 – 8 hour shoot in one of our green screen studios that we have available either in central London or throughout the UK and includes full lighting and either basic CGI backdrops and virtual sets as necessary or can be a pure simple black or white backdrop. Ideal for a hip hop/ r n b / pop look. This option allows for several sets of edit amendments depending upon your budget.

OPTION 4: Super Video Delux £1000 – £2000 Location shoot as Option 2 but gives scope to include a more sophisticated narrative sequence to your video ( which we can help you storyboard) and gives you up to 12 hours shooting over 2 days and a slicker edit including colour grading and after effects. This option allows for several sets of edit amendments depending upon your budget.

Props/ studios/ extras/ models/ make up/ hair/ styling etc can also be provided at extra cost.




OPTION 5: From £995 – Overseas shoot:

We can shoot your next music video at any number of great overseas locations. An overseas shoot can add a great deal of production value and kudos to your video that in turn rubs off on yourself as an artist – It really can’t be overstated how important this is in today’s music industry. We have extensive experience shooting music videos overseas, especially throughout Europe where we have shot music videos in Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, South Of France, Spain, Portugal, Egypt and Belgium. By far our most cost effective and versatile locations are in Southern Spain where we have a massive array of facilities and locations available from abandoned villages and wild west film sets deep in the desert to beautiful beaches and mountain ranges where with the use of drones can capture the most beautiful imagery. We can also arrange actors and extras as well as things like helicopters, speedboats, yachts, luxury and classic cars, American muscle cars and motorbikes as well as luxury villas.

All your accommodation and transport can be arranged by ourselves. The other very important thing to consider about this option is that it is all very good fun! And all for less than some companies would charge to shoot a fairly basic video in the UK – Its a no brainer!


OPTION 6: to infinity and beyond- Over £2000

For bigger budget shoots we would have to discuss your project and requirements in greater detail to arrive at a final costing. To put it simply we can provide you with virtually anything and everything you could possibly require including:
*Make up and hairStylists.
*Full production crew including dedicated project manager.
*Dedicated lighting team.
*Drones/ Cranes/ tracking/ Underwater cameras/ Steadi – Cam
*Full scripting and storyboard.
*High end “Red ” or “Arri” cameras for true cinema quality production.
*Actors/ Models/ dancers/ Choreographers
*Stunning and atmospheric locations Worldwide.
*Luxury / Prestige/ Classic/ Vintage cars.
*Vast selection of props
*All videos are shot on the very latest cinematic cameras.


Smart budgeting:

As a busy production company we often have the capacity to offer our clients unique opportunities that can enable budgets to stretch far beyond where they realistically should. Quite often we have spare studio or location capacity that can be free of charge or space on our numerous overseas shoots for artists to come on a big location shoot at a fantastic overseas location for no more than it would cost to shoot in the UK. Also if you plan to shoot more than one video we can offer big price breaks.


Call Dan on 07973543609 to see what opportunities we have for you right now.