So we have produced a truly great music video for you… but what now???

If your an independent artist the whole process of getting your video shown on TV may seem quite daunting. Light Engine Films have teamed up with one of the UK’s leading music distributors to give you a one stop digital distribution service. This includes digital distribution of your music video to TV channels on your behalf to be reviewed by various TV companies. Videos are sent with promotional material (e.g. press release) and the relevant contact details. In order to submit your video all we will need is any press/information that you would like to go with it and the contact details that you would like to be seen and a video submission form for MTV prior to their weekly acquisitions meeting held on Monday.

Your music will be converted to the correct formats for delivery, digitally to all the major digital stores you choose. The store list includes: iTunes, HMV, 7 Digital, Napster and Spotify. As well as your Music CD we will also distribute your Music Video to iTunes and many other stores. This is a digital distribution platform that will ensure that your music is in all the right places. The services includes the following:

  • SMS Keyword set up – We will issue you with a special keyword for your release which your fans can txt from selected handsets and get your music directly.
  • Shazam (iPhone & Blackberry application) – A music search finder
  • Fastrax – We can digitally deliver your music to TV networks such as C4 Music, Magic, Smash Hits, Kiss, Kerrang, QChannel AKA/Starz (formerly Channel U/FizzScuzz), NME, Vault, Flaunt, Bliss, Flava and MTV for your video to be reviewed for the opportunity to be play-listed.

If you would like to make your music ‘chart eligible’ (which we recommend and make every sale count towards the charts) we can also register your release on your behalf to ensure everything is correct. If you would like to make your music eligible for the US & Canada billboard charts we can also register your release on your behalf.